In order to be able to commission the instruments as smoothly and efficiently as possible, it is important to know their functionalities in detail. For this reason, SAWATEC AG involves its customers in the acceptance process even before delivery, if desired. This procedure also ensures optimum use of SAWATEC instruments in the long term.

FAT – Factory Acceptance Test

The test procedure before delivery includes a technical user training (machine manager), checking for completeness (scope of supply) and preparations for installation and commissioning, as well as the performance of a factory acceptance test according to individual agreement.

SAT – Site Acceptance Test

The acceptance test for installation and commissioning is performed directly at the customer’s site and includes, professional installation of the instruments, a user training (machine operator), the performance of the site acceptance test and the formal instrument handover (start of the warranty time).

If requested by the customer, we are also happy to offer support in process development.