Comprehensive services ensure a high level of productivity
SAWATEC offers a comprehensive service package, which can be adapted to your needs.

The installation of the systems and training of the relevant staff on the customer‘s premises are carried out either by our own or by authorised service technicians. Furthermore they will ensure a very high degree of availability and failure-free operation of the systems in industrial applications.

We supply you reliably and promptly with spare parts on a global scale. For on-site repair work, we have a qualifed service team at your disposal.

  • Installation and training

    In order to be able to commission the instruments as smoothly and efficiently as possible, it is important to know their functionalities in detail. For this reason, SAWATEC AG involves its customers in the acceptance process even before delivery, if desired. This procedure also ensures optimum use of SAWATEC instruments in the long term.

    FAT - Factory Acceptance Test

    The test procedure before delivery includes a technical user training (machine manager), checking for completeness (scope of supply) and preparations for installation and commissioning, as well as the performance of a factory acceptance test according to individual agreement.

    SAT – Site Acceptance Test

    The acceptance test for installation and commissioning is performed directly at the customer's site and includes, professional installation of the instruments, a user training (machine operator), the performance of the site acceptance test and the formal instrument handover (start of the warranty time).
    If requested by the customer, we are also happy to offer support in process development.
  • Warranty

    High degree of product reliability starts during the development stage

    SAWATEC products are designed for fault-free operation and a long life cycle already during the development stage; they are renowned for their high degree of reliability. Due to the high quality of the individual components and reliable manufacture, we offer a warranty that raises the bar in our industry.

    SAWATEC warrants qualified technical support for the entire product life cycle. Fast, easy and competent help in the case of downtimes. We provide both off-site and on-site support with error diagnostics, supply of spare parts, maintenance recommendations and other helpful support; for this, we also employ modern communication technology.

    As and when required, we ensure that a qualified service technician with experience in plant diagnostics and repair, arrives at the customer's site within the agreed time and solves the problem at short notice so that your instruments and systems will be operational again quickly.
  • Device cleaning

    Cleaning of equipment

    Product maintenance safeguards failure-free operation. Our warranty is valid provided that the product is used, operated, maintained and cleaned properly in accordance with the operating and maintenance manual supplied by SAWATEC.

    As a matter of principle, we recommend that the instruments and systems are thoroughly cleaned no later than at the end of the day, at the end of the production process or if operation is interrupted for a longer period of time. To do so, depending on the photoresist used a suitable solvent, cleaning agent or DI water should be used. Rinse and dry after cleaning.

    The following tips for cleaning our products safeguard failure-free operation and a long product life cycle.

    Cleaning Recommendation
  • Service / Spare parts

    Fast problem-solving through direct communication

    Experience has shown that through close co-operation between the user and our service technician, many problems can be solved quickly and effciently by means of remote diagnostics (e. g. TeamViewer).

    The service technician will be better able to understand your problem if you immediately fill in our error report form. Let the service technician know which error message appears on the display, when and how frequently the error occurs, the action you took when the error occurred and the steps you have already taken to solve the problem. We provide spare parts lists for all of our products. The spare parts are generally in stock and can be despatched to the customer within a short period of time as and when required.

    For queries regarding spare parts or general questions concerning the maintenance of your SAWATEC products, please contact our regional service technicians:



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