High-tech products for a wide range of applications on the market
As an innovative technology company, we aim to meet the specific customer requirements in different markets to a high degree and to generate added value through our creativity and expertise.

Particular challenges spur us on. In direct dialogue with the customer, we also develop application-specific solutions and turn them into products that are ready for series production within a short period of time.

  • Advanced packaging

    The requirements for advanced packaging are becoming more and more demanding in order to accommodate as many functions as possible in the smallest space.

    Our wide product range covers the different process stages in lithography. The instruments can be adapted to the specific process requirements with modular equipment options. For automated production, SAWATEC cluster systems are the optimal choice and combine all process stages compactly in one system. The cluster systems combine optimal operating costs with unique technological innovations to meet today's and also future requirements.

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  • Flat panel display

    Due to the widespread use of flat panel displays in our lives, manufacturers are faced with the major challenge of reducing manufacturing costs while improving display efficiency, reducing power consumption and increasing service life.

    SAWATEC supports you with flexible equipment for large format substrates up to 900 mm such as:
    • coaters
    • hotplates
    • developers

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  • LED / OLED

    Organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) are one of the most promising display and lighting technologies. The emitting electroluminescent layer of OLEDs is an organic composite film that must be protected from water vapour. Due to the price-sensitive market, operating costs must be kept as low as possible.

    SAWATEC instruments are characterised by their high process reliability, low downtime and maintenance costs and a good price/performance ratio, which is an important decision-making factor for manufacturers of light-emitting diodes when procuring process equipment.

    Especially our entry-level models Hotplate HP-150 and Spin Module SM-150 are preferred for use in gloveboxes.

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    MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) products are used in a wide variety of applications and thus the requirements are also very different. MEMS are tiny components that combine logic elements and micromechanical structures in one chip. They can process mechanical and electrical information. Most elements are likely to be sensors and actuators, but also oscillators and filters. These mechatronic chips are usually made of silicon. The structures can be smaller than one micrometre.

    MEMS devices require highly specialised equipment to manufacture these mechanical structures. SAWATEC offers the ideal instrument for the production of 3D microstructures with the iSPRAY spray coater. These are used by the watch industry and also by sensor manufacturers for automotive applications.

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  • Micro optics

    Micro-optics are micrometre or sub-micrometre scale structures and components that manipulate light and manage photons. There are a variety of applications such as optical communication, optical industry and displays, microscopy. The most important thing in manufacturing is to keep the concentration of airborne particles as low as possible - i.e. clean room technology.

    Our product range offers specific solutions (e.g. HMDS application, customised chucks for heavy glass substrates) which are suitable for processing optical materials (e.g. glass)

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  • Nanotechnology

    Nanotechnology focuses on the design, processing and use of materials, structures and devices in nanometre dimensions. Because it is defined by its size, it covers a wide range of scientific fields - including surface science, semiconductor physics, micro- and nanomanufacturing and molecular engineering. The production facilities should also be correspondingly diverse.

    SAWATEC supports you with flexible equipment for micro- and nanomanufacturing, equipped with specific dosing systems and with very small dosing quantities.

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  • Photovoltaic

    A typical photovoltaic system uses solar modules, each of which consists of a series of solar cells that can generate electricity. By the surface's and the substrate's structuring, the performance of the photovoltaic solar cells can be increased and thus the cost efficiency can be improved.

    Our spin coaters and hotplates are also especially suitable for thin-film photovoltaics. In addition, we also offer our instruments for very large substrates up to 900 mm.

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  • Semiconductor

    Semiconductor components are part of the high-tech industry that demands relentless pursuit of innovation. Discrete components and integrated circuits (ICs) play a key role in the development of new or optimised application solutions.

    SAWATEC supports customers with modularly designed equipment and process solutions for semiconductor manufacturing such as:
    • hotplates (dehydrate, soft- and hardbake)
    • coaters (spray coaters)
    • developers
    • rinser dryers
    • integrated systems

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