SAWATEC keeps a close eye on the latest developments in the rapidly changing market. So SAWATEC is able to offer its customers the widest possible range of benefits.

In June 2021, SAWATEC therefore took part in the innovation journey on the topic of Smart Services. The term Smart Services describes data-based and digital service offerings that are provided with the help of intelligent products. These smart products, which are equipped with appropriate sensors and software, directly record defined values and forward them to the provider. In the future, for example, a manufacturer could access a machine at the customer’s site remotely and rectify any errors online. This would eliminate the need for an expensive and time-consuming visit by the service technician.

As part of the Startfeld Innovation Journey, employees of the Institute for Technology Management (ITEM) at the University of St. Gallen presented their strategy model. They made clear that smart services are becoming increasingly important in companies: The industrial landscape is in upheaval, digitization is advancing rapidly, and more and more data and real-time information is available. This increases the technical requirements for using such data in a value-creating and innovative way.

In order to be able to incorporate these findings into the latest product and service developments, Marcello Piccirillo, Managing Partner/COO at SAWATEC, took part in the innovation journey on the topic of smart services. Because, as Marcello Piccirillo explained in an interview with St. Galler Kantonalbank, organizer of the seminar, this topic is also very relevant for SAWATEC:

“Our process instruments are among the capital goods and have a long service life. Our industrial customers, in particular, therefore expect that the instruments can be used trouble-free. This requires regular maintenance and a timely supply of spare parts. Currently, we are working on a new after sales service concept, which we will gradually roll out worldwide, so this event was of interest to me.”

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