Sennwald municipal council at SAWATEC
June 2015

Sennwald municipal council, led by the president of the municipality Peter Kindler, visited Sax-based high-tech company SAWATEC AG on Wednesday, 3 June 2015.

SAWATEC’s Managing Director Bruno Sawatzki provided the visitors with information and an insight into both the production and SAWATEC’s product range. By means of a corporate presentation and a walking tour, Bruno Sawatzki informed the visitors about the company’s history as well as SAWATEC’s products and markets.

Managing Director Bruno Sawatzki was pleased with the interest shown by the political municipal council and commented: “This was a great opportunity to show the local political representatives our company and our products that are sold worldwide.” President of the municipality Peter Kindler gave his thanks for the tour and the explanations and replied: “It is also important for the municipal council to seek and maintain the dialogue and exchange information locally with our companies. This way, information can be shared on both sides and the understanding for the concerns of the other party can be discussed directly.”

This informative event came to a relaxing conclusion with drinks and snacks, an opportunity that was used for further intensive discussion.

SAWATEC expands in Greater China
April 2015

The high-tech company SAWATEC AG, domiciled in Sax, has established an own market organization for Greater China beginning of April this year (Suzhou SAWATEC Semiconductor System Co., Ltd.).

By this way SAWATEC likes to easier access the growth potential of Greater China and strengthen the regional customer closeness. The market organization will be managed by an experienced management team and shall be gradually expanded. The office is located in Suzhou, a rapidly growing industrial metropolis in the Yangtze River Delta Region.

Bruno Sawatzki, CEO of SAWATEC, feels very happy about this important step. “By this establishment of an own market organisation in Greater China we have implemented an important strategic sub-goal of our last year’s defined strategy. For us as an innovative manufacturer of instruments and systems for the Semiconductor and MEMS industries is the Greater Chinese market with its rapidly growing production in these segments a very important future market. We are strongly convinced that we not only will reach our growth targets but can also strengthen the technology place in the ‘Rhine Valley’.”

Allan Bao, Sales Manager Greater China, feels very happy about this new challenge. “During my introduction time at the headquarters I got the impression of SAWATEC as an innovative and customer-oriented company. In the near future Greater China will invest more in so called key technologies. This will also include the segments of semiconductor and MEMS. I am convinced that SAWATEC has very good chances with their innovative products and systems to gain market share and grow rapidly.”

CEO Sawatzki again: „During the last months we kept ourselves busy to gain more insights about the Greater China market and its prospects. The selection of an optimum location for our market organization and the recruitment and training of the initial staff has been carefully prepared. Now we are glad that it will finally start. We put great confidence in Allan Bao and the related increased customer closeness with him in this growing market region. The site will be expanded along with the business and shall develop to our regional competence center for sales and after-sales service in the medium term.”

Allan Bao, the responsible Sales Manager sees a big potential for SAWATEC. “In Greater China more and more institutes and universities will invest into research and process development especially in the segments of Semiconductor and MEMS. They will do this under the aspect to leave the so called ‘low-tech” position and becoming a High-Tech market. By this way the industrial output in these two segments will increase. Therefore it is our strong aim that the research will be done on SAWATEC instruments and that SAWATEC systems will be used in the industrial production.”